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Why You Should Do the Sasquatch Open

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A Post by Coach Adam

The Sasquatch Open is less than 2 weeks away!!!! For 5 weeks in a row we’ll be throwing down, competing against one another and ourselves to see just how fit we actually are.  Not sure about throwing your hat in the ring? Here’s some reasons to dive in:

1) It’s going to be our workout of the day every Friday from February 22nd to March 22nd.  That’s right, we’ll be doing the workout in class already, so no extra work on your part; just show up and work hard!

2) You are good enough!  There are scaled options for each workout, so no excuses like “I can’t do muscle ups so why bother?”  Additionally, you’re probably physcially, and mentally, stronger than you believe. You just may surprise yourself with what you’re able to accomplish when you truly push yourself!

3) You get to compete again!  Many of us competed in something as children, but as we grew up we got caught up with more “grown up” things.  It’s so exciting to feel that thrill of competition, whether it means you’re trying to beat that person in class who always uses the same weights as you, or you want your gym to have a little bit better scores than the other Sasquatch gyms.  Whatever it is that sparks you, let it ignite those 5 Friday workouts!

4) You’ll learn something about yourself.  With everyone doing these same workouts, it’s an opportunity to identify new strengths and weaknesses.  For those who have been doing this for years, it’s an opportunity to see where you have improved and where there’s more work to be done.  For new members just out of on-ramp, it’s an opportunity to establish a baseline, because you know Troy is going to be programming these workouts again in the future to test us!

5) It’s FUN!  We’ll be taking turns in classes judging and cheering on one another when we’re not doing the workouts ourselves.  Also, we’ll have a big party in Redmond the final week to bring everyone and celebrate all that we accomplished.

So there you go, some simple reasons to sign up for the Sasquatch Open.  Hope to see you all every Friday and on our Sasquatch leaderboard every weekend!