Sue M.


Sue M.

My story is a simple one. I walked into the Sasquatch gym two years ago, and I honestly have never looked back. I am stronger, healthier and fitter than I was in my 20s. Strength is for everyone, no matter what ability. People are sometimes intimidated by Strength, but the reality is, once you step into this world, it is the least intimidating gym experiences out there.

SCF is one of the best. The people and the coaches are all from different backgrounds and walks of life, but when we come together in the box and work out, we are a community. The coaching has been amazing, with a fantastic program that keeps us both motivated and interested. It is specific and targeted to get results. Coaches work with athletes to develop core skills, nurture our strengths and build on weaknesses. In this respect, it is up to the athlete to take it as far as they want.

Overall health and lifestyle advice is readily available. The workouts can be challenging, but they are scaled appropriately for you. I love the fact I can go in and work out next to a 6-foot-tall guy and still hold my head high!

The camaraderie is a wonderful bonus of this gym, as this is not something I had come across before. The best workouts have often been the ones that I have been the last to finish, as it really doesn’t matter where you come time wise, but that we all cheer for each other, and that is what makes me come back for more. This is such a great gym to be part of.

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