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Meet Coach Troy

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First Name: Goes by Troy but first name is actually Leon


Last Name: Morse


Title(s):  Coach



CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2 Coaches Prep

CrossFit Olympic lifting

CrossFit Power lifting

CrossFit Football

CrossFit Kettlebell

CrossFit Mobility

CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit Judges Course

CrossFit Games Regional Judge 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

USAW Weightlifting Coach


USAW Level 2 Advanced Sports Performance Coach


Notable Seminars:

USAW Clinic Coached by Zygmunt Smalcerz (Olympic Training Center Resident Coach, & 2 Time Olympian Oscar Chaplin III)

Snatch Clinic Coached by Melanie Roach (Olympian, Pan  Am Games, US National, and World Championships participant)

Outlaw Training Camp (Olympic Weightlifting and Programming for CrossFit Competitors)

The Movement Fix –  Dr. Ryan Debell -Move Better Feel Better Coach’s Course (Mobility/PreHab)

ERG – Rowing Clinic – Coached by Anna Cummins who has  four NCAA titles with the Huskies.  Is a two-time world record holder, three-time World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist in 2004 and Olympic Gold Medalist in 2008.

Years CrossFitting: 10 yrs


What do you specialize in?:  Lifting Heavy Stuff


What are you passionate about?:  I believe in Strength!  The Barbell will make you stronger in any situation life throws at you.  It will teach you how to get up after failing and keep moving even if you feel pain.  No,  I’m not talking about injury.  I’m talking about Pain. There is a difference.  Physical strength translates directly to emotional and mental strength, these 3 actually feed off of eachother.  Really you can’t have one without the other.  I can’t take credit for this but couldn’t agree any more with this quote.  “The worst advice you can give any person is, Take it easy. Easy makes you soft, and soft makes you dead”.

What do you love most about coaching your members?:   I know this sounds cheesy, but I love seeing people apply what they learn in here  to real life.  The smile I get in my heart (you can’t see it on my face, but it is in my heart) when they share with me something that helped them in the real world,  or how now they are now able to do something previously unable to do….. and it keeps me involved in the sports that I love.

What is your athletic background? Any notable accomplishments?:


Rainier’s Strongest Man and Women

2013 3rd Place

2014 1st Place

2015 IWF Masters World Cup Silver Medalist in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Total

USA PowerLifting Washington State Champion 2016, 2017

USAPL Washington State Deadlift Record Holder (40-45 Master)

Coached at 2 USAW National Youth Championships

Coached at USAW American Open


Played Football at Central Washington University 1994.


Raced PWC’s aka Jet Skis at the ISJBA World Finals

1998 –  9th 1200 Superstock

1999 –   3rd 1200 Superstock Slalom

7th 1200 Superstock

12th 1200 Limited Slalom

13th 1200 Limited

2000 –   14th 1200 Superstock Slalom

24th 1200 Superstock

2001-    10th 1200 Superstock Slalom

13th 1200 Superstock


How did you end up as a CrossFit coach? What path brought you here?: 

A Buddy of mine talked me into going to a park with this “coach” guy and a few other people do something they called Murph.  First I said ‘No I go to an Actual Gym, I don’t workout in the park” .  He however convinced me to give it a try.  Yeah …  it sucked a lot,  and I only did 1/2 Murph with jumping pullups.

Then a few of us started training in a garage at 5:30am for a while.  Until one of the guys who was training with us was able to get us a back storage room at the engineering firm he worked for.  This only worked because we had roped the owner of the company into doing it with us.  It was great, carpet on the floor, thrusters in between file box shelving and swinging a KB next old plotters and copiers.

I continued to learn more about CrossFit methodologies and wondered why I had never been training this way before!   I needed more, so we found this small box that was open a few more hours a week than our storage room and started going there everyday.   One day I decided check out these specialty courses that I would see on CrossFit Mainsite.  I attended a few CrossFit specialty certifications with no intention of opening a box.  As a matter of fact I only took the CrossFit level 1 Certification once I knew I was going to open a box, simply because it’s a requirement to do so.

Now I’m here.


What’s your favorite quote?:

“Strength and Honor” – Gladiator