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The Fitness Industry is booming.

The micro-gym landscape in one that is booming in franchising, but gym owners are plagued by three major problems:

  1. Generating leads
  2. Converting leads to members
  3. Retaining those members long term

In the US, the average attrition rate of a gym is between 30-50%. That means that every year the average gym loses up to half of their members. They then have to work (and pay) to get those members replaced if they want to break even, and then some if they want to grow.

The Sasquatch Solution

At the core of our value proposition is our proprietary CRM software that gets members through the gym and keeps them long term.

We boast a 49%* conversion rate from lead to trial class and a 90%* rate from trial class to member.

Once a trial becomes a member, our system keeps them engaged for the long haul.

**Stats represent 2018 results as reported in our Franchise Disclosure Document

Steps Of Ownership.

Speak to us for a free consultation

Attend the Franchise Information Webinar and choose a location

Get trained. We offer up to 80 hours on-site training, so you are proficient at all aspects of your new business

Grand Opening! Get ready to launch. Corporate will be with you every step of the way

Start up Costs

Sasquatch Strength has one of the lowest start up costs in the fitness industry and we offer two distinct opportunities:

    • Retro-fit  your existing gym
    • Build out a new gym
    • Cost ranges from as low as $67k to 176k


We offer up to 80 hours of on-site training from mission and vision all the way down to technology and coaching. Our franchisee training program is unparalleled.


We are here for you. We want you to succeed. We will be with you and available to you every step of the way. Focus on running your business, leave the technical side to us and call us when you need us!

Who does the programming for my athletes?

Our director of programming has over 12 years of experience and he takes care of everything for you.

How much staff will I need to hire?

Our gyms are meant to operate with minimal staff, 1-3 part time or 1-2 full time coaches, a front desk attendant and a manager/owner.

How do I get members in the door?

Our proprietary CRM system and our state of the art technology package were designed with you in mind. We get you from trial class to long-term member using lead generation and nurturing software that you’ll be very familiar with after your onsite training.

*DISCLAIMER: This website is not an offer to sell a franchise to, and is not directed to, any resident of a state or province requiring the filing or registration or other regulation of franchises unless Sasquatch Strength Franchise, LLC is registered to sell franchises in that state or province (if necessary), has prepared a disclosure document in compliance with the laws of that state or province and has received approval of this website as franchise advertising, if required in that state or province. The states requiring registration or filing of franchises include: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. There are other states and provinces that require disclosures to prospective franchisees. No franchises will be offered or sold by Sasquatch Strength Franchise, LLC in any of the listed states unless and until the franchise offering has been registered and declared effective in that state and the Franchise Disclosure Document required by that state has been delivered to the purchaser before the sale and in compliance with applicable state and federal laws regulating the sale of franchises. No franchises will be offered or sold in any other state or province regulating the sale of franchises until a disclosure document required by that state or province has been delivered to the purchaser before the sale and in compliance with applicable state, provincial or federal laws regulating the sale of franchises.